Ian Callum tells Jay Leno the story behind Jaguar Project7

Ian Callum tells Jay Leno the story behind Jaguar Project7

Even for Jay Leno, Monterey Car Week is a special experience. After all, his collection is absolutely massive, but vehicles show up for this exclusive event on the California peninsula that even Jay doesn’t know about. He’s giving us a just a tiny taste of this year’s event in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

The majority of this clip is dedicated to an in-depth look at the Jaguar F-Type Project 7, and Jay gets the details direct from designer Ian Callum. The two of them are old friends after doing the 2014 Mille Miglia together in a Jaguar XK120. After getting a mountain of info about the inspiration behind this special F-Type, they go for a ride on some beautiful California roads to listen to the wonderful, crackling exhaust.

Following the drive, Jay finds a racecar from the teens that he is completely unfamiliar with. Thankfully, the mechanic is nearby to shed some light on this rarity. We hope there’re more videos to come about Leno’s visit to Monterey Car Week, but hopefully his team can fix some of the sound issues in this clip. (from: Chris Bruce / Autoblog.com)



artwork - hand sketck - side




artwork - 11







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